Agnesdaisicloset history

The name originated from my grandmother, " Agnes Gail, and my mother in law, " Daisy. My mother Sarah was also apart of this story. Its about women whom inspired and instilled greatness inside of me. I was constantly reminded how to keep yourself together, by my mom and grandma. The both were always stepping out looking stunning. My mother in law, Daisy, she would always complement me on what I had on, she to was a neat women, and look amazing at all times. I appreciate these women, they taught me how to be a lady, a women and have pride in what I do, and how I live. Thanks to all of them, this is how the store name started. They have all transitioned to heaven, therefore, I decided to keep their names alive in a great, positive way. Agnesdaisicloset, offers an array of styles, this is why our logo is a, butterfly, we are a no judge closet, and hope we can keep the ladies coming for more. Thanks to all our customers.